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My Ancestors Schiavon

Angélo and Cécilia

Angelo is the one for we have a lot of information. His father was Antonio, his grand-father was Apostolo.

From 15 children of Angelo, 11 lives to grownup. Amedeo, or Amédée, was the youngest, my grand-father.

The desendants of the brothers and sisters of Amedeo are French and two are italians. They are my closer cousins.

Family Trees of the Schiavons decsending from Angelo


1. Maria Giovanna SCHIAVON, n. 10 FEB 1891
2. Giovanni Antonio SCHIAVON, n. 2 JUL 1892, Treviso
3. Antonio Guiseppe SCHIAVON, n. 17 AUG 1894, Treviso
4. Orfeo Mario SCHIAVON, n. 6 OCT 1895, Treviso
5. Nalgisa Olimpia SCHIAVON, n. 11 SEP 1897, Treviso
6. Luigia Adelina Caterina SCHIAVON, n. 9 JUL 1899, Treviso
7. Gemma SCHIAVON, n. 9 MAY 1901, San Pietro in C
8. Enrico Gino (Henri) SCHIAVON, n. 18 AUG 1903, Treviso
9. Galliano Vittorio SCHIAVON, n. 19 JUN 1905, Ponte di Piave
10. Maria Anna SCHIAVON, n. 2 MAY 1906, Ponté di Piave It
11. Sante Romualdo Giovanni SCHIAVON, n. 23 JUN 1907, Ponté Di Piavé, Tréviso
12. Bruno SCHIAVON, n. 20 SEP 1908, Ponté Di Piavé, It
13. Candida Catterina Elisabetta SCHIAVON, n. 15 JUL 1910, Ponte di Piave
14. X. SCHIAVON (still-born)
15. Amedeo Antonio SCHIAVON, n. 18 JAN 1912, Ponté Di Piavé, Manta, Italia