a study by René Teissier, cousin from France

From our Slavic ancestors to the Schiavons

The Slavic Southerners are Serbes, Croatian, Slovènes, Bulgares and Macédoniens.

In 578, the Slavic ones of ukrainian origin emigrate towards the south and settle in central and oriental Europa . This area of Europa contained Slovénie, Dalmatie, Slavonie, and Istrie

Around 640, the Croats are established in SCHIAVONIA and in the western northern part of the DALMATIE to which they give the name of CROATIA, the southern part of this area constituting a state not yet integrated in this new state and remaining DALMATIE. It is at that time that the Croats convert with Christianity. Pushed by the Hungarian invasions , Schiavoni, Slavic installed in Schiavonia, will emigrate massively in Dalmatie. The DALMATIE, located on the Adriatic coast and bordered of many islands, was in close contact with the republic of Venice, through their trade; And, from the significant number of Schiavoni installed in Dalmatie, the Venetian ones, while speaking about Dalmatian said Schiavoni. When the Venetian ones will occupy Dalmatie later, quite naturally the Dalmatian ones or Schiavoni, will emigrate in Venice where still now the " Riva degli Schiavoni " testifies to these exchanges between Vénitiens and Dalmates.

At the 15th century, progressively with their arrival in Venice, Dalmatian-Schiavoni , will establish in the sextier of Castelo, close to St-Marc. This part of the city is very composite with foreign colonies made up according to ethniques, linguistic or religious affinities, and in addition to Schiavoni one finds Greeks and Albanians there. The Dalmatian ones will be thus brought to found their brotherhood on May 19 1451 and it is thus not astonishing that this one became the brotherhood of Esclavons (translation of the word Schiavoni) and placed under the protection of St-George was baptized the " Scuola di san Giorgio degli Schiavoni "

History of Dalmatia

806 : First share of the Carolingian Empire. Pepin, king of Italia received Dalmatie, Istrie and Vénitie.
When Pepin died, Bysance recovers Dalmatie and Vénitie.
840: The pact of Cothaire confirms the autonomy of Venice with regard to Bysance and ensures its fleet the control of the Adriatic.
925: Tomislav becomes king of Dalmatie.
1000: The Croats and Slavic subjected once, Dalmatie passes under Vénitian protection , the doge takes the title of Duke of the Dalmatian ones.
10th and 11th century: Dalmatie is incorporated in Croatia.
From 1102 Croatia, Kingdom associated with Hungary, is controlled by a Ban ( Round of applause ), member of the royal family. Cut out into two Banats , it is feudalized gradually while losing part of its territory to the profit of Venice of dimensioned and Bosnia of the other.
1347: Reconquest of ZARA (Dalmatie), risen against the protectorate of Venice, at the instigation of the Hungarians. 1358: Dalmatie or Schiavona is yielded to Hungary.
1409: Venice reconquers Zara by force. One finds at that time a round of applause of Schiavoni (Round of applause = dignitary at the Slavic ones of the south or représentant of king of Croatie)
1420: Victory of Venice on the Hungarians annexation of the Friuli and reconquest of Dalmatie (Zara-Scrutari) until 1797.
15th century: The Turkish expansion in second half of 15th c. pushes the Croats to emigrate in mass in Istrie, Dalmatie and especially with the north of Una and Save rivers, which results in to change the geographical configuration of Croatia and Slovénie.
October 8, 1797: signing of the treaty of Campoformio between Bonaparte and the emperor of Austria FrançoisII. Austria allocates Venice, Vénitie, Adige, the Friuli Istrie, Dalmatie and the islands of the Adriatic.
1866: Venice and Vénitie votes by plebiscite their fastening with the kingdom of Italy (674426 votes for , 69 votes against
1920: Dalmatie is given to the kingdom of Croats Serb and Slovènes.

(translation Marc Dufresne, Qc)


Italia 1454 - after the pax ox Lodi

Since the victory of Venitiens over the Hungarians, in 1420, Dalmatie reconquered, will remain in the republic of Venice until 1797. The Dalmatian ones will build their school Scuala De San Gorgio Degli Schiavoni, recognized by the republic of Venice on May 19, 1451.



Italie 1815-1924


Croatia - Slovenia


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