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From Italia to France, my family history

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Nineteenth beginning

The fate of North Italians and savoyard is so closely dependent since centuries that these people find their origins a little mixed. I come from a family of which the roots occurred at the edge of the tumultuous torrents of the Alps. The half maternal family worked the fields along the Guiers river in the edges of Savoy since of multiple generations. The paternal half, on the Italian slope (ruled by Austia in this time), was probably lying under an ancient oak while fishing at the edge of Piavé River, or near the Adriatic. Apostolo was singing and dreaming about Antonia.

Apostolo and Antonia

Apostolo was happy because this evening he would ask for the hand of Antonia Pedrina detta Valonta . It was at the beginning of XIXth century. They lived at Burano, a small village close to Venice, they gave birth to their son Antonio and probably to some others. They worked the ground of Veneto; They admired the far alpine range, and soaked their feet in the Piavé, without suspecting that they were going to generate descendants of travellers who would settle in all the countries of the world.

Antonio and Elisabetta

Antonio was born in 1836. He grew up in the house of Apostolo, and in 1857 he married Elisabetta. They lived in Tréviso. They probably had several children and one was born in 1870. They were fourty four years old when their son was born: Angelo my grand-grandfather.

Angelo and Cecilia

Angelo was born in 1870.

On December 30th 1890, Angelo married Cecilia

Angelo was born in 1870. À first sight, we do not know large-thing of him. I believe being gone at his place a few years before his death. I was less than 8 years, it frightened me a little. A great-grandfather, which patriarch. One would have taken me along to Mathusalem that would not have impressed me more. His house was dark like all the old houses of Provence, it was fresh there because the shutters remained closed all the day and a light scent of moisture impregnated the air. He cherished me the hair of an awkward gesture and asked Cécilia to bring wine, for him and my father. It spoke sometimes French, sometimes Italian of a raucous and enjoing voice. He was glad to see us. Cécilia was hardly higher than me, quiet and smiling; She carried a chignon well turned behind the nape of the neck. She served the wine and left the bottle on the table. Angelo, says one, drank two liters of wine per day while eating and smoked a package of cigarettes. It followed this mode all his life and went from there very well, until it finds with the old people's home after the death of Cecilia. There, one completely withdrew to him cigarettes and wine "for his good". He died about it a few months later.

Angelo left Italia around 1910, for economic reasons, following a lot of migrants to France, in order to find work. He had 10 children to feed.    Going ahead with his oldest son, he took the rest of the family to him later.  Cécilia get back to Italy later, to have her last child, Amedeo, in 1911, at the home of her oldest daughter who was already married and stayed in Italia. She goes back to angelo a few months later.

They lived all their life in France, in Savoie,  at Gallas, at Saumanes, and Fontaine de Vaucluse. He died in 1961, a few months after Cécilia, on their wedding day anniversary.  Amédeo, growing man, went to work to the factory of Gallas, where he saw Juliette Chantre, and then asked her to dance some Sunday at the village dancing. They were very good dancers, all their life .

Cecilia was an abandoned child found at the door of a Church. No one knows who were her parents. The Nuns of gave her her name and she grow up there. This is all we know about her.

Amedeo and Juliette

My grand-parents, married in 1930, they had 6 children, and lost two of them as child. Four of them are still alive: Georges, René, Liliane, Michel.
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My father was born at Saumanes, France, and lived on the Riviera a quiet retirement.  He spent a few years to Quebec, but preferred to return home to benefit from the sun of Provence.  He lived in a quiet village from 30 km to sea, with sight of its balcony on Sainte-Baume mountains.

I, Marie-Jo, author of this website

I was born in Provence, France, at Château-neuf-de-Gadagne (Yes, near Château-neuf-du-pape , the famous vine place), and I have spent a quiet youth to St-Saturnin lès Avignon, from 10 km to Avignon, hidden in a flowered almond tree, until my father decided to get us in an alien country. I was 13 year old when we arrived in Quebec  I have immediately loved the large spaces and the white winters. I have learn the life and the language of Quebec, I have given life to a Quebecker, and I believe that I am one now.

My descendance, a Renaud

Daughter of a Quebecker and myself, Isabelle grew up in Quebec.  She studied at the Laval University and has completed a Master's thesis concerning the Internet and the Quebecker Identity
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