The Favres

from Savoy, France

Maternal ascendance of Juliette Chantre, my grand-mother.

You will find the family tree of the Favres and many collateral lineages in the database The Trees

A branch of the Favre family has migrated in USA after the first world war. Roger Favre and his sister have still family there.

The purpose of this page is to contact Favre of the area Les Echelles, France. All information, photographs, acts or addition concerning this family will be accepted with pleasure. Write to me.

Our more former known Savoyard ancestor of the line of my back grandmother Marie Favre, Claude Favre (1677-1758), lived some national crises, in particular those of 1690-1697, and 1701-1713, under Victor-Amédée II. Up to which point did have it to suffer from it, of the bottom of its mountain with St-Thibault-of-Couz?

A bit of History

"From 1690 to 1696 and 103 to 1713 the country knew sixteen years of foreign occupation (...) military quartering, and the to and from of the armies, especially in the large valleys mauriennaise and tarine was however enough to exhaust the country. The pilleries of the soldiers, the deliveries of grains, of fodder and cattle, the impositions extraordinary and the expenses of brigade caused a durable impoverishment (...). In 1709, at the time of the counter-offensive of imperial ordered by the count de Thann, a whole part of Savoy was eaten by the two armies. Troops of brigands added to desolation by attacking the clerks of receipts and the trunks of station, by plundering the houses and the presbyteries, in particular in Chablais and Faucigny. Lastly, of the recruiting agents traversed the parishes to seize the men suitable brutally for cover the uniform. A succession of calamitous years contributed to dramatize the situation. From 1680 to 1700 ten enough rigorous prolonged winters to freeze the majority of the large Alpine lakes (...) until 1711 the food shortage did not remain about it less threatening. The chronicle preserved the memory of the alarming storm of July 16 1688 which had crossed all the duchy and devastated whole areas around Chambéry, of Annecy (...) In other times (1718-1719), a pitiless dryness hardened ears and burned the hays until in the mountains " . Paul Guichonnet, Histoire de la Savoie, Univers de la France, Privat ed, p. 288

All that for saying to which point the Savoyard ones had the hard life and forged characters worthy of the best fruits of their country: nuts! Not easy to open, sometimes ameres, except if it is known how to taste them!


While following the trunk road 6 in direction of Chambéry, after the tunnel, one crosses the collar of Couz then the valley widens slightly and one discovers St-Thibault-de-Couz, small village where was born Marie and which sheltered generations of Favre since XVIe century and perhaps front. There were 880 people in this time there, It was thus as large as Les Echelles; today it is only one hamlet bordered of some farms. A way crosses main road 6 perpendicularly to connect the two chains bordering the narrow valley: the mountain of L'Epine on the left and the Outhéran mount on the right. A superb cascade of 50m top is thrown in Hière to 4 km from St Thibault. Some narrow roads connect the farms the ones to the others. Each sector thus bears the name of the families which lived it during generations, one finds Favre, the Rat-Gris, Goncourt etc...

To go to Favre, which is the birthplace of Marie, my back grandmother, line maternal of my father, one must leave the road 500m before St-Thibault and descend a steep slope on the left, then to go up on the right towards the Simon. Then a way carries out us towards the skirt of forest, very high in the pastures, on the grounds dominating the village. The houses of Favre, leaned with the mountain are bordered of a brook: Rau of Favre. Marie walked from there until Les Echelles, 7 km per mount and by be worth, to go to work with the rope manufacture, be like winter. To two km from there, just with the foot of cliff there is a small hamlet: La Grotte. From there one started to climb the famous scales which carried out to the Sardinian road that Napoleon, like his predecessors, borrowed so many times with their troops before the tunnel of La Grotte, length of 308 Mr. is not dug through the mountain of 1857 to 1871, on the road of Chambéry. Immense and splendid caves, of each with dimensions of the Sardinian way, sheltered generations of travellers since prehistory. Bordered of a forest of leafy trees which takes splendid colors with the autumn, La Grotte is at the foot of the mount Grand Goulet

St-Thibault-of-Couz is a tiny hamlet still today on the road of Les Echelles, St-Thibault was certainly not saved by the troop movements and the big business. The peasants, stripped by all those which passed had to double courage and no easy way to succeed to survives.Les Echelles, frontier town between Savoy and Isere, is lying Guiers, to guardian of the only passage through the solid mass of Chartreuse in this area. Some streets at the quite tight houses, of splendid churches decorated with brilliant slate, geraniums to all the wrought iron balconies and with the pastures around make it appear very small under immense cliff of Ravoire. It counted approximately only 730 inhabitants in 1874 year of the birth of Marie, my back grandmother. A stone bridge separated it from Between-two-Guiers, and when the Savoyard ones crossed this bridge they said outward journey "in France". Today still those of Les Echelles kept the expression and "to France" will make their shopping. Long branch of Favre of Savoy was born Marie my great-grandmother. Marie was born in Saint-Thibault from Couz, August 21, 1874. Her father named Claude and went down from several generations of farmers, and her mother named Josephte Marcoret Vallet. She married Jean-Marie Chantre and generated Juliette my grandmother who will join her life with a Schiavon. Its life was simple: that of all the peasants of the area.

At the time of my short stay in Savoy, I had the occasion to appreciate the splendid landscapes of this area, as well as the courtesy of his inhabitants. The few parents whom we have in the area of Les Echelles, with Between-two-Guiers us made the honor of their table, of their house and made us visit some splendid sites the such Lake Aiguebelette where we tasted the famous remnants and sailed on his water jade. We also climbed to the monastery of the brothers Chartreux, guards of the famous receipt of liquor Chartreuse, and the elixir of the same name; We pushed the walk until Chamonix, in High Savoy and taken the cable car to the Peak of the celestial South...! And that to say these splendid falls to the foot of which we made a memorable picnic, accompanied by my Juliette grandmother and her sister Alice Sheiffer now missing. Bruno Peylin and Michele like his elder sister Nicole, girls of Alice, let to me remember it calms quiet the Savoyard ones. With their frank speech, slow and slow, they resemble their mountains, eternal and immutable, whereas nothing presses because the snow-covered winters are long no matter what one makes, and which in any event: "The lake is not going to burn in fire".

One of our cousins Adrien Favre wrote the history of several villages of the area, as well as tasty stories, memories of its childhood in these places. You will find the list of it by typing its name in the data base.

The brother of Marie: Sulpice, is linked with the Baud family, of which Herve who is an enthusiastic genealogist. Husband of Favre, Herve Baud retreive any information relative to its family and that of her daughter, Brunet Manquat.

Jean Favre, another cousin, one is also impassioned of genealogy. Finally, that becomes a practice in the family.

Marie Favre