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To Our Ancestors

In Their Memory


This site has been made in memory of our ancestors, the Venitians and the French Savoyers, to whom we owe more than life; but also in honnor of my grand-parents, Amedeo and Juliette, for the memory of them never erase from our mind.

This is a personal site, but you will find here a wide documentation about many families of the name Schiavon all around the world: geneological trees, history, art, etymology, pictures and many more.

Our database contain many thousands of names. You may find relatives or ancestors. We also have a few family trees from Quebeckers who are related somewhere to the Schiavons .

The main goal of this page is to reunite all related families, to gather information concerning the Schiavon's genealogy and try to find the common ancestor for the related parallel lineage. We're not trying here to wake the dead just to add a date on a family tree. It is rather the alive we wish to bring to life by helping to find, in this great family, lost cousins and to establish contacts with them, exchange information and data, and who knows, find new friendships.

French-Italian Genealogy

All Schiavons came from Veneto, Italy, at least since the Renaissance period. We have been able to trace Amedeo's lineage to the XIXth century but no more, in the area of Venisia, and Burano.
In another hand, the Favres' lineage (maternal ancestors of Juliette Chantre, Amedeo Schiavon's wife) find it's roots around 1600 with Claude Favre in Savoy, France.
Juliette Chantre and Amedeo Schiavon have united Savoyers and Italians. Their descendants are Frenchs for the most, and one is Quebeker, what's explain that this site is made in Quebec
Some collateral lineages are still Italian today.
Many other lineages are in Brazil and other places in the world.


We are looking for All Schiavons. Their head is priced, (but not the horse's head because of his beautiful tongue).

Dead or alive, they are wanted, because their valued as gold.

If you know one of them: tell him about this web site, he (her) will surrender without a fight.