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I am inviting all Schiavon, Schiavone, Schiavoni and other rlated family names to contact me and give informations about your ancestors.

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List of the patronymics detained in the Database

List of the patronymics detained in the Database.
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1 Schiavon Apostolo, Favre Claude, Renaud Mathurin,

Our Schiavon's roots are from Italy, Veneto. The oldest relative is Apostolo Schiavon, from Burano, he lived there around 1800. Our Favre's roots are from Savoie, France. The oldest relative is Claude Favre, from St Thibault de Couz. Our Renaud's roots come from Mathurin Renaud, a French pionnier, who came in Québec canada about 1660. All these families are linked somewhere in the XX th century.

2 Barrier Guillaume, 1650 (jean Favre),from St Thibault de Couz, Savoie, France 273
3 Brunet Manquat , Savoie 3326
4 Comete Arnaud American lineage, Quebecker origine 772
5 Dufresne M , Quebec 243
6 Favre Claude,(Jean Favre) -related to Schiavon Renaud Favre 176
7 Lecavalier (cavelier guillaume), Quebecker Montreal 178
8 Poulin Paschal, St-Maclou-de-Rouen Normandie 154, Quebecker lineage
9 Renaud Mathurin / Roy, Quebecker lineage related to Renaud 4318
10 Schiavon Angelo, Amilton Schiavon Brasil 19
11 Schiavon Antonio, Lorena Schiavon Brasil 22
12 Schiavon Cesare, Schiavon Douglas Brasil 46
13 Schiavon Eugenio, argentin lineage, origine Veneto Italia 12
14 Schiavon Florindo, Schiavon Henrique Brasil, 40
15 Schiavon Giovani, American lineage, origine Veneto Italy 42
16 Schiavon Luigge Ferrutio, Brazil 22
17 Schiavon Pietro, Max Schiavon, French and Italian lineage 72
18 Schiavon Rogerio,Juliana Schiavon Brasil

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