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Quebecker lineages

Related to the Schiavons



My daughter is the descendant of two big families from her father's lineage, the Renauds and the Côtés. The Renauds came from Île de Ré, France. They are also related to the Poulins from Quebec. One of the ancestors of this family we would like to trace is Latremouille from St-Roch-en -Sisac, Quercy.

My daughter lineage, from a Quebecer named Renaud and a Schiavon

Family tree Renaud

Renaud Family association (in french)



A cousin of the Renauds, Gilbert Roy, just add 4318 names to our database

Roy Family Tree


A family well in sight at the beginning of thecentury. G.J.Ernest Côté was Commandeur of the order of St Sepulchre. They are related to the Renauds.

Côté Family Tree


American lineage from a Quebecker ancestor: Armand Comète . Related to Cowan, Sheehan, Watson families.

Comète Family Tree


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